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While the majority of our device products utilize proprietary designs developed by us primarily under exclusive development and supply
agreements,we sell several off-the-shelf products developed over years of experience and manufacturing excellence.

location for contract manufacturers 2Finished Medical Devices
Battery-powered surgical driver for use in multiple applications including CMF, small bone and spine.
location for contract manufacturers 2Plastic Injection Molding
Precision injection molding solutions for a wide variety of industries.
location for contract manufacturers 2Micro Air-Motors
Compact precision air motors with planetary speed reducer.
location for contract manufacturers 2Dental Products
Portfolio of dental hand pieces developed over several decades.
location for contract manufacturers 2Torque Wrenches
We sell torque wrenches primarily for dental and industrial applications.


Powered Surgical Drivers
We’ve developed a simple, autoclavable, readily available, battery-powered surgical driver for use in multiple applications including CMF, small bone and spine. Our drivers offer your physician customers an alternative to the time-consuming and arduous placement of screws and plates, in a variety of surgical procedures. The new features of our Pro-Dex Surgical Driver (PDSD 5000) include:

* Improved seals for increased reliability & prevention of moisture intrusion.
* Soft brush motor improves drop resistance & reliability.
* Soft touch keypad reduces button push forces for easier operation.
* Robust anodization/coating for higher pH & dishwashing tolerance.
* Improved battery chemistry for longer life and convenience.
* Quick release battery attachment mechanism for easy exchange.

For distribution inquiries and additional product information please contact us.

Our PDSD 5000 powered surgical driver is a high precision, robust and highly versatile device built with the same
manufacturing and engineering excellence we apply to all of our customized manufacturing solutions. Get your driver today!

Plastic Injection Molding
Our high precision injection molding capabilities have served a variety of industry applications over the past twenty (20) years. All of our molds are carefully designed to properly facilitate the molding process. The versatility of injection molding is another facet of our product and design capabilities. Read more about our injection molding capabilities and what we can do for you here.

Precision Air Powered Motors
Manufacturers choose Pro-Dex because we are able to respond to your design needs and customize our air motors to fit virtually any small size high-power application. Specific requirements for mounting, autoclaving, and speed-to-torque ratios are our expertise. Our air motors are known for exceptional reliability and long life.

  • Compact air motor.
  • Spark free operation ideal for contaminated, wet or explosive environments.
  • Planetary gear system provides increased torque.
  • Can be configured for unique applications.

If you are interested in distribution or purchase please contact us for more information.

Dental Handpieces
Our portfolio of capabilities and experience includes a Pro-Dex dental handpiece collection of products. We have designed and manufactured low speed pneumatic dental handpieces for nearly every manufacturer and distributor in the dental market. High quality, high precision design and manufacture is the basis for all of our product development. The Pro-dex dental hand pieces are a household name in the dental industry.

  • DLS Handpiece System.
  • OHS510 Oral Surgery Handpiece
  • PHP100
  • OHS510 Oral Surgery Handpiece
  • Prophy Plus

For additional information on our dental handpieces or information on distribution please contact us.

Dental Torque Wrench
Pro-dex markets our dental torque wrenches under the Dynatorq brand. Our torque wrenches are pre-calibrated to customer specifications and ideal for driving screws and for bridge fabrication. The wrenches are extremely robust and come with a one (1) year warranty. The head fits an assortment of drivers to drive hex or slot head screws. Contact us regarding availability and customization.

  • Marketed under Dynatorq brand.
  • Pre-calibrated for ease of use.
  • Autoclave ready robust design.

For additional information on our dental handpieces or information on distribution please contact us.