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Multi-Axis Motion Control

Watch how Pro-Dex OMS brings the most critical motion control applications to high-profile customers.
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Multi-Axis Motion Control

When There are No Second Chances, Turn to Pro-Dex OMS

Around the world, high-profile customers turn to Pro-Dex OMS for their most critical motion control requirements. With 30 years of experience, Pro-Dex OMS provides world-class motion control solutions in applications where failure is not an option. Whether it's nuclear fusion, vital medical analysis, radioactive testing or radar guidance systems, engineers depend on the proven reliability and accuracy that Pro-Dex OMS products provide.

Pro-Dex OMS products control 1 to 10 axes on a single controller for servo and/or stepper motor control that serve the semiconductor and medical equipment, life sciences and factory automation markets, as well as government research laboratories around the world. In addition to creating multi-axis motion controllers, Pro-Dex OMS offers motors, drives, and accessories that are often tailor-made to support specific applications.

MAXnet Motion Controller

Critical Motion Control Solutions that Sacrifice Nothing

With Pro-Dex OMS, impeccable performance does not come at the cost of other design criteria. By connecting with many industry-standard interfaces, ensuring flexibility in their modular design, offering a rich feature set for comprehensive movements, fitting within even the tightest design envelopes, and maintaining affordability, Pro-Dex OMS provides it all to customers. And when off-the-shelf products don't work, Pro-Dex OMS utilizes its unparalleled motion control experience, and customizes product platforms that generate the exact results that the application requires.

When customers need reliability, accuracy, connectivity, compatibility, flexibility, advanced features, compactness, and affordability, Pro-Dex OMS provides the solutions.

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Pro-Dex OMS

Compromises Nothing

Pro-Dex OMS motion controllers support many critical applications around the world. Download the brochure to see why so many engineers turn to Pro-Dex OMS.

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Critical Motion

Control Services

Learn why leading government research laboratories, medical diagnostics, and factory automation companies rely on Pro-Dex's multi-axis motion controller services to power critical motion control applications.

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