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Fineline Precision Molds


Product Solutions
While the majority of our device products utilize proprietary designs developed by us primarily under exclusive development and supply
agreements,we sell several off-the-shelf products developed over years of experience and manufacturing excellence.

location for contract manufacturers 2Fineline Precision Molds
Manufacturers of high precision tooling and injection modling for multiple industry applications.
location for contract manufacturers 2Fully Integrated Facilities
Our facilities are flush with top of the line equipment to meet your manufacturing needs.
location for contract manufacturers 2High precision molding
Our team has extensive experience machining molds for high performance and tight tolerances.
location for contract manufacturers 2History of Delivering
Chances are we have traveled that road before and have solutions for your precision injection molding needs.
location for contract manufacturers 2Experienced Workforce
Our team have decades of combined experience manufacturing high precision molds and tooling.


Fully Integrated Facilities
Our vertically integrated San Dimas, CA facility has all of the machinery and tooling to complete even the most complex of builds
in house with plenty of excess capacity to ensure adequate on time deliveries. Our customers needs are a top priority.

High Precision Molding
We have the knowledge and technology to manufacture at extremely tight tolerances, even when pressured by demanding deadlines.
Meticulous attention to detail and manufacturing excellence are in our DNA and something we take extremely seriously.

History of Delivering
Delivering on time and to our customers exact specifications is the focus of everything we do. We understand the importance
of delivery on-time and setting expectations. That only comes with decades of experience; consistently delivering on-time every time.

Experienced Workforce
The Fineline team is extremely experienced with decades of experience manufacturing high precision molding and tooling.
Our people are our most valuable asset and we actively invest in their training and betterment to further our culture of excellence.